30 July 2015

Human evolution in 3D

Human evolution in 3D Science and Human Evolution Park is just one offer of the leisure complex in Krasiejów. This park constitutes a unique combination of modern technology and rich knowledge about the past of the Earth and Man. It is an offer not only for people immensely interested in evolution – an interesting form of visiting will surely help schoolchildren to more easily acquire information about the past of the Earth, also adults, not so familiar with 3D technology, will be amazed by its wide application.

The very idea of visiting Science and Human Evolution Park is a curious one – a space shuttle takes tourists to a time machine, where they can fathom the history of the Earth, starting from 66 million years back. Thanks to special helmets everyone is equipped with, at consecutive stations it is possible to watch 3D movies about the past of our planet and mankind and to listen to voice-over information.

The visit is supplemented by interesting exhibits, presenting the development of vessels, historical tombstones and the incredible reconstruction of a human mummy found in ice.

When going to Science and Human Evolution Park in Krasiejów, it is worth saving some free time before the visit – tourists waiting for their space shuttle can use the interactive devices located in the departure lounge. You can paint the walls with a spray, have fun with your own photo by reshaping it or even see yourself in the company of virtual creatures.