22 July 2015

The festival tower

The festival tower The symbol of Opole is the Piast Tower, the recognisability of which, to a large extent, can be attributed to the vicinity of the amphitheatre and that is why it will often appear in TV broadcasts about events organized there, especially the famous Song Festival.

The tower was erected in about 1300 on the island of Pasieka as a part of a Roman castle, built several dozen years earlier, which replaced the wooden Piast stronghold from the 10th century. Overlooking the neighbourhood, the tower was used as a vantage point, with casemates being located in its lowest part. Currently, it constitutes the last remnants of the castle and is one of the oldest Polish historical monuments of fortification architecture.

The Piast Tower from Opole during the recent renovation was so modernised that the moderately interesting place has become a major highlight. Multimedia exhibits put the visitors in a gloomy mood of casemates and allow them to witness the ongoing fight. The exhibits also present the history of Opole and the local castle. During the climb up the tower you can try on parts of knight’s armour, feel the weight of weapons from the past and even discover signs engraved on the walls in days of yore. The climax is the view of the beautiful panorama of Opole from the top of the tower.