13 July 2015

Radochowska Cave

Radochowska Cave Sudety are beautiful mountains, enchanting in every season. Apart from their attractiveness, the mountains conceal many wonderful sites such as amazing caves. One of the most breath-taking of them is located in the Bzowiec Mountain – Radochowska Cave.

Thanks to its “wildness”, the cave is unique in comparison to others made available to tourists – you cannot find here convenient corridors specially carved for visitors, well, you won’t even find any electricity. Such apparent poverty is just what makes this place so attractive and appreciated by those tourists who have already visited a few popular caves such as the famous Paradise or the nearby Bears’ Cave.

Radochowska Cave is visited under the surveillance of a guide, in helmets with flashlights. Such helmets are required for various underground tours, however, in this case they are not only gadgets, which make the tour more attractive and looks interesting in souvenir photos. Bumping the helmet into a rock when walking through the cave proves how worthy they are in terms of safety for the tourists’ heads. The very tour, however, is neither too difficult nor dangerous, even for children, although you have to be prepared for certain inconveniences.

The very cave is very interesting. Especially charming is the room with a lake, where you can see tiny endemic creatures – gammarids. In winter the cave is also inhabited by a few species of bats. During the tour you can get to know the history of the exploration of the cave and its structure as well as information about remains of animals and plans of further research in this area.