10 September 2015

Fun park in Kolacinek

Fun park in Kolacinek Kolacinek is located in the Łódź Voivodeship in the Dmosin municipality. This is a small town, which brings a lot of young tourists, due to the fun park.

The jurassic-botanical park is very attractive proposition, especially for children in pre-school age. Children can find quite interesting mock-ups of prehistoric reptiles in full size, and explore theirs footsteps on the paths. In addition to the dinosaurs, which are very popular in such places, you can also see resurfacing plesiosaurus, which of course impresses all of sightseers, both young ones, as well as the elder ones. The plates and automatic lector, located by the mock-ups, will touch the facts about this creatures to the tourists. The eminent attraction of the park is the possibility to explore the Mesozoic era path along with the guide. The fee is included into ticket price. There is also a small geological –paleontological museum on the path. Another attraction is the payable play of the palaeontologist, during which all children may find some dino’s bones in the sandpit.

The other attractions that need to buy the ticket are gold digger play, ride on the roller coaster, and also walk the fabulous path, where you can see some scenes from well known fairy-tales.

In addition, there are refreshment stand, small playgrounds and a farm with antique machines to watch in the park in Kolacinek.
The park in Kolacinek certainly is not one of the biggest and most famous places of this kind in our country, however it may be interesting proposition for the children. It is for sure much better, to spend the time in this park, rather than watching TV.