26 September 2015

The second after the Malbork

The second after the Malbork The Teutonic Castle in Malbork is very well known both in Poland, as well as abroad. The second biggest object of this type was formerly the castle in Czluchow. This huge fortress was located on the man-made islands surrounded by the waters of two lakes. This place was the residence of the komtur and the Teutonic Convention, and after passing of the fortalice into the Polish hands in the 15th century, it was guarding the borders of the Polish Republic.

Unfortunately, today’s look of this building doesn’t call the past greatness up. At present the Czluchow castle complex remained in a very limited level. After many fires and partial demolitions this fortress practically ceased to exist, and on the basis of the castle chapel foundations the evangelist church has been built, with the bell-tower in the old-time tower.

Admittedly, the current look of monument, strongly connoted with the church which existed here before, is only a memoir of greatness that passed, however it must be said that, the appeal of this place enhanced by making available to visit the undergrounds of the court.

You can watch a few exhibits inside the building and climb on the tower, on which you can watch wonderful view. Tower may be visited only with the guide. It is also worth to watch the movie about the castle’s story. Children and young people will be glad discovering the computer game, that action is played in the castle of Czluchow in Teutonic times.