Where to go for the weekend

Virtual tourist guide WhatCanIdo.eu was created as an alternative to expensive and incomplete paper guides. It describes the monuments of our country, invites the most charming places and suggest where to go for the weekend.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the most interesting articles published by our users. They describe both known tourist attractions and places not reached by crowds of travelers. Articles published on the portal will provide dozens of ideas to spend your free time regardless of the place where you are located currently.

A virtual guide is both designed for active backpackers and people who just planning this pastime. With a wide range of proposed routes and the diversity of tourist attractions, everyone will find something for themselves. Portal WhatCanIdo.eu is an invaluable tool in planning any kind of recreation.

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Title Popularity Date
The festival tower 921 22 July 2015
Human evolution in 3D 937 30 July 2015
Radochowska Cave 957 13 July 2015
LicheĊ„ Sanctuary 1194 14 August 2015
Fun park in Kolacinek 1354 10 September 2015
The second after the Malbork 1425 26 September 2015
Coastal gardens 1454 21 October 2015
The waterfall on Olszanka 1486 9 October 2015