How it works?

How works

- Find a place

Are you in your town? Maybe you went to visit your family and friends in the other end of Poland? No matter where you are, online tourist guide don’t let you be bored. In the search engine you will find nearby restaurants, cinemas, museums, monuments and other attractions which are worth seeing in your surroundings.

- Plan your trip

Do you have a day off? Did you plan a trip? Search buildings and attractions along your route . Mark where you are going from and what is your destination, and search interesting places along the way.

- Trip suggestions

Don’t you have any idea for a weekend adventure? Draw on our users’ trips they have experienced . Have you experienced a fascinating adventure? Share it with other tourists.

The full access to the information on our website is payable. You can obtain the data by means of two different services:

- E-service 1: List of suggestions of spending free time

A user receives a list of twenty places and tourist objects adjusted to the user’s preferences determined in the search engine. The information will be available in the user’s panel shortly after they pay for them.

- E-service 2: Tourist Guide

On the basis of theTravel Plan created by the User, the Tourist Guide in the form of PDF file will be generated. The user can choose up to 20 places and tourist objects meeting their expectations and adjusting their preferences, which they can find in the Guide.


Any irregularities concerning functioning of the payment for the service on our Portal can be complained. In order to do that a User has to register a complaint to the Administrator.

The complaints can be sent to the e-mail or mailing address.

al. gen. Władysława Sikorskiego 254, 35-304 Rzeszów

Any complaints concerning the payment made by the User will be investigated by the Administrator up to 14 days from the day it has been received .


"List of suggestions of spending free time" (e-service 1)
Price - 4 PLN

"Tourist Guide" (e-service 2)
Price - 8 PLN

E-services mentioned above can be bought only after the registrationon on the portal Payment for e-service 1 and 2 is before generating lists proposals for leisure or tourism this issue, the choice selection of interesting services and user parameters.